The Roman Imperial Coinage

Enhanced by How to read inscriptions on Roman coins Almost all Roman coins show a portrait of the emperor and a selection of his names and titles. The following example demonstrates this and shows how inscriptions can be used to date coins. AVG ustus Most emperors also took the name of the first emperor Augustus. Gradually it came to mean senior emperor. ARM eniacus The Emperor’s religious, political, military and honorary titles are often included. During the Roman Empire the Tribune’s powers were taken by the emperors and renewed each year.


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Praefectus Coins Obverse depiction: Personification of Pietas, seated left Obverse Inscription: Caligula standing left holding patera over altar – attendants victimarius on either side holding bull for sacrifice – hexastyle temple of Divus Augustus festooned with garlands in background. Sutherland, Spink and Sons Ltd, London, In my opinion, the most comprehensive and reliable reference for use in cataloging and attributing Julio-Claudian coins.

This volume is a monumental reference for Julio-Claudian coins that offers a wealth of information and an incredible array of coin photographs from the British Museum collection. Although hard to find and quite expensive, this book is a treasured addition for the advanced library. Durst, New York, A definitive study of the political and social factors attending the establishment and perpetuation of the Principate and its associated coinage.

Sutherland, Clarendon Press, Oxford, A superb historical study of the period and its coinage. Putnam’s Sons, New York,

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Rare Roman Coin Of Nero Found In Jerusalem “Though the Roman Empire occupied Jerusalem and certainly spread its currency there, the only known Roman coins from the ancient Jewish capital have all come to historians and archaeologists through collectors, with uncertain provenance. An exception is a gold coin recently discovered near excavations of wealthy first century priestly houses on Jerusalem’s Mt.

Dated to 56 CE, it may be an remnant of looting at the time of the city’s destruction in 70 CE. The gold coin aureus bears the bare-headed portrait of the young Nero as Caesar.

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In , he issued a series of coins depicting his bust clad in a lion-skin the usual depiction of Hercules on the obverse, and an inscription proclaiming that he was the Roman incarnation of Hercules on the reverse. The Romans cast their larger copper coins in clay moulds carrying distinctive markings, not because they knew nothing of striking, but because it was not suitable for such large masses of metal.

Roman adoption of metallic commodity money was a late development in monetary history. The image of the Roman emperor took on a special importance in the centuries that followed, because during the empire, the emperor embodied the state and its policies. Coins often attempted to make the emperor appear god-like through associating the emperor with attributes normally seen in divinities, or emphasizing the special relationship between the emperor and a particular deity by producing a preponderance of coins depicting that deity.

During his campaign against Pompey, Caesar issued a variety of types that featured images of either Venus or Aeneas, attempting to associate himself with his divine ancestors. The populace often learned of a new Roman Emperor when coins appeared with the new Emperor’s portrait. Some of the emperors who ruled only for a short time made sure that a coin bore their image; Quietus, for example, ruled only part of the Roman Empire from to AD, and yet he issued two coins bearing his image. To aid in succession, the legitimacy of an heir was affirmed by producing coins for that successor.

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Enhanced by An introduction to Roman coins With over , coins on the database, Roman coins make up the largest single artefact type recorded with the Portable Antiquities Scheme. In recent years there has been a major push to record all coins found, not just those in good condition. It is important to emphasise that each Roman coin shares equal archaeological value, irrespective of its metal or condition.

Mar 29,  · Handbook of Roman Imperial Coins by David Van Meter Reading and Dating Roman Imperial Coins by Zander H. Klawans Here are couple good suggestions for Biblically related collecting: A Numismatic Journey Through the Bible by Richard Plant A Treasury of Jewish Coins .

Bibliography – Colleges and Universities The following is a “getting started” bibliography for ancient Mediterranean coins. ACE hopes that you will have the good fortune to find some of these already on the shelf in your college library. You may also be interested works listed on the “Bibliography for Younger Audiences” ACE CD , particularly if you are in pursuit of introductory discussions of coins accompanied by lots of images.

Prices are listed for some works, but the books are often available for less through on-line sales. You can find more in-depth numismatics bibliographies online at these sites: Introductory Books on Ancient Coins of the Mediterranean 1. Carson Harper Collins, “This is not a book specifically about ancients, but it is probably the best, most accessible overview of coinage in general from the earliest days until The book is long out of print and not particularly easy to find, but it is a wonderful introduction to the entire field.

Klawans which were written to provide an overview of Classical coinage for beginners.

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Includes the following: Klawans’ “Reading and Dating Roman Imperial Coins”; Van Meter’s “Coins of the Twelve Caesars”; Numismatic Archives’ “Coinage of the JulioClaudians 27 BC – AD 68”; and Kroh.

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Abbreviations on Roman Imperial Coins A frequent subject of mail received here asks questions about reading some abbreviation on Roman Imperial coins. This page is to make answering those questions easier. Carried to its completion, this would be a rather large project so I will begin with a few common ones and work into the oddities as the need arises and images become available. The images shown will usually include more than one abbreviation so an alphabetical list with abbreviations would be difficult to format.

Therefore I will show a few pictures and discuss the abbreviations.

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When this catalog is available it will be online here about four weeks before the sale date. Red cloth, new copy. Now Out of Print. Facing Heads on Ancient Greek Coins. New York, reprint. The Electrum Coinage of Lampsacus.

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