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The hitch-mount bike rack market is heating up and Yakima is stoked to bring some refinements to their already-stellar lineup of hitch racks in Lets talk about hitch racks. They are easy to use, getting to be lighter weight and sturdy enough to carry whatever you toss on them. That said, hitch racks basically come in two flavors. First lets talk forklift. Believe me, the SwingDaddy addresses all the pain you may have experienced with the Fullswing or other racks for that matter. To combat the rubber strap creep, they developed a series of rubberized stopping points on the top of the bars and a strap that slides back and forth on a track, then locks in place where desired. Talk about sweet, this rack has it all.

Yakima Hitch Bike Rack : EBTH

Thule and Yakima will both have two choices each that will carry two bikes and fit a Ford Escape. It has a weight capacity of 70 lbs. If you will be carrying any bikes that do not have a top frame bar that goes straight across like a typical men’s bike would The Spare Time has a total weight capacity of 75 lbs.

Yakima Car Top Bike Rack for Four (4) Bikes â ¢ Strong, durable steel construction holds the load â ¢ Vinyl wrapped for durability and corrosion resistance â ¢ Includes 1 pair of crossbars c/w Towers.

The rack can carry up to 3 bikes carried on two support arms. The bikes are lifted onto the arms and sit in cradles that tie the bike frame to the arms and strap the frame lower down into an anti-sway cradle to stop the bike swinging into each other when you are driving. The Quickback 3 has a twist knob that can adjust the angle of the two carry arms depending upon the bikes you want to load and the shape of the back of your vehicle. The 6 strap system at the back attaches and tightens the rack onto the vehicle, and each strap is labeled to speed up installation and prevent confusion over which strap and hook goes where.

One knob releases the arms so that they can fold down when the rack is not being used on the back and to make storage easier. The metal buckles on each strap are rubber coated and so are the feet that rest against the paintwork. If your vehicle at the back has glass or plastic edges to the hatch, trunk or tailgate there are glass hatch hooks which squeeze inside the closed back and the soft nylon touches the edge to stop potential damage to the glass or plastic edge.

An unusual touch is the end of the carry arms are bottle openers!

Yakima Car and Truck Bicycle Rack

Load your bike up easily and securely in this extremely easy-to-use bike rack system. Installation and removal are both equally easy. Thule Big Mouth Bike Mount The Big Mouth’s titular Big Mouth is a clamp that securely grabs your bike’s frame to hold it in place without you having to remove the front wheel. Thule Criterium The Thule Criterium bike carrier will save you substantial amounts of fumbling time getting your bike onto the roof with its clever, ergonomic design.

Quality caravan accessories at great prices that include VAT, free delivery and 90 day returns.

Nationwide Yakima Racks Retailer The Yakima HookUp is the result of Yakima Racks efforts to design and engineer the most rugged and simple to use hitch bike carrier available. The system connects to two inch rear hitch receivers and transports two bicycles. The system is a strong alternative to their already reputable line-up of hitch mount bicycle carriers.

However, they realized the popularity of systems that feature bike trays, allowing consumers to quickly load their bikes without taking any wheels off or worrying about straps. Based on our testing, the Hook Up is currently the fastest loading rear hitch mounted bike rack we offer. Users can simply raise a bar, place the bike and drop the bar down onto the front wheel to instantly clamp and secure the bike in the carrier.

Another nice innovation that Yakima Racks engineers included is the ability of the carrier to fold up when not in use. This allows a vehicle to be parked in a garage, easy parallel parking and more. Our biggest worry is if Yakima can keep pace with production based on initial highly favorable reactions by consumers to the new offering. About Yakima Products, Inc.

Yakima Bike rack (universal fits car, suv, van etc) (Roy, Utah) $75

This model offers a tilt-away feature for rear vehicle access and includes rubber strap technology to firmly secure your bikes. Thule Helium Aero 2 The Helium Aero 2 model is made of lightweight, high strength aluminum and is capable of carrying 2 bikes. It also includes the tilt-away feature, rubber strap technology to firmly secure your bikes, and includes both a lock for securing the rack to the hitch and a lock to secure the bikes to the rack. Starring the tilt-away feature that makes access to your vehicle a cinch.

It includes rubber strap technology and a bike lock to firmly secure your bikes.

Roof Racks – We stock a variety of Yakima roof racks for general use that are built tough and designed to stand up to Australia’s harsh weather conditions. Bike Carriers – Australian’s love the outdoors, and for many, mountain biking is a favoured pastime.

The Sod Father on June 21, , Have you weighed the whole thing when it is fully loaded? Are your within a safe weight range for your tires and trailer suspension? From what I know, one of the major causes of trailer tire failure is too much weight. Kinda like a balloon when you sit on it but not nearly as fun. Thanks for the compliment. We’ve gotten so many good ideas from here, I try to share whatever I can.

Your point about tire loads is spot-on. That’s why I mentioned having the wide tires, but I went out to look at the exact rating so I could reply accurately ; My tires are rated at lbs each 50 psi each , meaning lbs total tire load.


Full Star Full Star I have 2 bikes, both fit perfectly. I will say it takes a little getting to know the rack but ANY good tool requires learning how to use it. The bikes I have are a Cannondale Synapse and an older Schwinn Searcher hybrid completely converted to trail riding with 40mm wide knobbies and a slammed stem. I setup the outer trays for the Schwinn and the inner for the Cannondale.

The iconic Bones rack has been a cornerstone of bike racks for decades. It’s a tested statement of style, design, convenience and durability.

Yakima Frontloader Rooftop Bike Carrier Benefits of using bike carriers Back in the days, you would need to disassemble your cycle if you wanted to go somewhere with the car. Nowadays, since the bike rack technology has improved, you are able to install the bike directly to your vehicle within seconds. Mounting your bike to your vehicle is easy if you have a right bike carrier.

Depending on what your vehicle is like and regarding to your needs as a biker, choose an appropriate bike carrier. There are several rack mounting systems such as: Roof racks — this type of bike rack is ideal if you own a large car or vehicle that already has a built-in base racks, Hitch racks — Perfect for SUVs, vans and similar vehicles providing a trailer hitch.

Yakima “RidgeBack 2” Hitch

Full Star Full Star I had been using roof bike racks for years but recently got a new and heavier bike Trek Fuel EX8 29″ and I wanted a quality rack that would protect my investment and not require the yoga and cross-fit workout necessary to get our bikes on top of my 4-runner. As expected from Yakima, the Hold-up is well constructed and sturdy, it was reasonably easy to assemble and install, and it is easy to fold up for storage when not loaded.

I can quickly and easily put several bikes on and take bikes off the rack without removing any tires, adjusting seats, etc. The trays are easy to adjust to get multiple bikes to fit without much work which is great.

StrongArm hook secures bike at wheels, protecting painted surfaces and carbon frames Easily adjust trays to reduce bike-to-bike interference Fits most bikes, including fat-tire, mountain, road, hybrid, women’s specific, BMX, kids’ bikes, & E-bikes under 50 lbs.

Shopping for a hitch rack: The Northshore 6-Bike Rack July 12, by Jason Van Horn On a recent outing to the Mckenzie River Trail, we elected to utilize the shuttle , and ride the entire length as an all mountain ride, with as much descending as possible. It also was our first chance to check out the North Shore 6-Bike Rack. At a first glance, these things are pretty sweet.

Mounting up bikes goes quickly, and is just a matter of hanging the bike on the hook, and tying down the back wheel. In fact, the only drawback to this rack design appears to be for those that also ride bikes of the skinny tire variety. It would depend on the clearance on the fork. However, for mountain bikers with that play hard and often, it is a pretty sweet system that should be checked out.

It is a simple design, and folds down when not in use.

How to Use the Bike Rack

And there is a good chance you heard nothing but positive stuff about this bike racks performance. But…can you believe everything you hear? Like Myth Busters, we will try and separate truth from fiction. We invite you to either skim our review or scour it for the good, the bad and the ugly about the Yakima DoubleDown 4 Bike Rack.

The bike that I chose already had a setup for a rear rack. In the past this bike has been used for bicycle touring and I was confident in the rack’s ability to hold weight. I simply installed my rear rack and set the battery box on top of the rack.

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Tray Hitch Rack Claimed to be the lightest in its class, this rack is super adjustable to help keep your bikes from getting scratched. Vital Review There is no shortage of options when it comes to hauling your precious rig to the trail: Hitch racks are a common option. Yakima has been one of the major players in the rack game for quite a long time. Recently they released a new tray-style hitch rack dubbed Dr. Tray rack aims to solve many common issues with racks:

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It packs all the right necessities that an everyday user would want and no more. The T-shaped handle sits under the rack, which allows the platform to be easily raised and lowered without the add-on installed. This is a great feature and much easier to use than racks that use a release pin near the hitch. However, once the add-on is installed, there is no way to extend the handle further back like you can in the Thule Pro XT.

I found it cumbersome having to reach under and to the front of the add-on in order to engage the handle, and particularly difficult when all three bikes were loaded up. The racks trays should have you as close to future-proof as one can be within the bike industry, having the ability to fit bikes with 20 to inch wheels and widths from a 23 millimeter road tire all the way up to a 5-inch fat bike tire. In order to accommodate the larger wheel widths, you will need to utilize the strap adapter on the rear wheel, which is included.

NEW Yakima Fullback

First Quadrant in the Land of the Free Posts: I would consider it the Cadillac of bike racks. If I had to go with a spare mount, I would stay with the Thule.

Yakima Frontloader Roof Bike Rack Black. Our most versatile bike rack ever Direct to factory bar upright bike mount Installs Quickly and easily without tools Doesn’t touch the painted surfaces of your bike Easy-to-adjust sliding wheel tray makes positioning the rear wheel a snap.

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